Daily Cleaning Services

Breanheath’s flagship daily cleaning service offers comprehensive high-quality cleaning of commercial premises ranging from offices to schools to healthcare facilities.

We specialise in multi-tenanted buildings, and can provide daily cleaning services to owners, operators and occupiers alike, as well as outsourced cleaning for commercial premises management firms.

All of our staff are fully vetted before being hired, fully trained before being sent out on their first job, and wear full uniform to present a professional image to any of your own customers and visitors who are on-site.

We carry out detailed quality audits to make sure we are always giving you the highest standard of service – and our customer service team is always available to respond to any queries or concerns you might want to raise too.

Breanheath focus on building long-term relationships with all of our clients, although we can also take enquiries for one-off deep cleans, or if you have had a specific incident you need some help cleaning up after.

Our company structure includes a high ratio of supervisors and managers, including area management, so any feedback you provide will be passed up the chain to the appropriate level.

Contact us today with any initial enquiries and we will soon have your premises looking spotless, whether as a one-off or as an ongoing arrangement.