Customer Service

We put our customers first. Since 1976 Breanheath have always worked with a firm customer focus, adapting our services to suit the changing needs of our client base.

This is as true now as it has ever been, and we welcome enquiries from new customers, as well as from existing clients who are interested in additional services or who have any kind of question or concern.

We work hard to establish positive long-term working relationships with our customers – we want you to know that we are here when you need us, and that you can trust us to get the job done.

Our dedicated customer service team is available by phone on 0161 442 3900 or via the contact form on our Contact Us page, and will respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

We operate an ISO9001-accredited quality management system, and all of our cleaning operations are delivered in accordance with the Institute of Customer Service.

The vast majority of our customers are highly satisfied with our service though, and we work hard to keep satisfaction levels as high as possible in all instances.