Carpet Cleaning

At Breanheath, we ensure that our services for carpet cleaning are performed by our team of highly qualified and fully trained staff to provide you with a high-quality carpet clean with an excellent end result. With many years of experience in helping you keep your carpet clean, we aim to meet all of your expectations and more as we want you to feel confident that you are choosing the best value cleaning services and that your carpet is receiving the deepest clean possible no matter what environment, domestic or commercial.

The process of performing a carpet clean involves many different cleaning techniques. When conducting a carpet clean, we pre-vacuum for loose soils and pet hair etc. which helps ensure we have a clean base to work with. We also move any small pieces of furniture that may be an obstacle for us cleaning the carpet. However, once this has been done we begin spraying the carpet with a detergent to deal with any stains or areas where dirt remains. Next, the carpet is agitated with a pile lifting machine which helps loosen any remaining soilage and assists in restoring the carpet fibres. The carpet is rinsed with hot water containing a detergent to ensure that the most damaged of carpets are cleaned to the highest standard to achieve the best results This is then followed by a finishing spray and then dried with a blower which helps circulate the air and assists with the drying process.

There are many benefits to having your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning service, besides gaining a more hygienic and cleaner carpet. The process we use means that better equipment is used, as normal vacuums don’t have the power to draw out all the dirt which has been lying deep inside the carpet. Also, dust particles that stay in the fibres over time need to be extracted and removed with high-end equipment which gives you better end results. Another benefit is that we have years of knowledge of cleaning carpets meaning that we understand how to restore carpets to their original conditions which saves you time in the process. Having your carpet professionally cleaned helps increase the lifespan which in the long term can save you money from replacing the carpet in the future.

There can be many different consequences of not having your carpet cleaned. One consequence is if you don’t have your carpet cleaned regularly then when you do turn your attention to the carpet it will become harder to remove any dust or dirt from deep inside and therefore will become a time-consuming job to carry out. Most people when cleaning the carpet themselves don’t manage to remove much of the dirt which causes problems such as smell which is why having a professional carpet cleaning service coming to take care of the problem means you will save time and receive a deep thorough clean. Other additional problems can occur, such as harmful substances that may get trapped in the carpet will remain there causing health problems to flare up, like asthma.

If you want to find out more about our carpet cleaning service, make an enquiry with us today or request a quote. Contact Breanheath today on 0161 442 3900 or fill in our contact us form and we’ll be happy to assist you.