Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Management And Sustainability

We care genuinely about the environment. Along with the safety of our staff, customers and the general public, the long-term protection of the environment is one of our chief concerns.

Our environmental policy aims to minimise the production of waste; to eliminate where possible the use of potentially harmful chemicals, and to minimise them where they are unavoidable; and always to assess the environmental impact of our procedures in advance.

This means that when we come to work on your premises, everything we bring with us, everything we do, and any waste materials we generate on-site have been fully assessed beforehand for the smallest possible environmental footprint.

We do not rest on our laurels. Over time, as new procedures, equipment and cleaning products become available, we continually look to eliminate any remaining hazardous substances from our work.

Our workforce has a clearly defined management structure and our staff are encouraged to report any concerns to their line manager – meaning any new environmental issues that arise on-site are not ignored, but find their way up to senior management promptly and systematically.

Again, this allows us to respond to changing conditions and new concerns, to further reduce the environmental footprint of our activities, while eliminating any chemicals that could pose a health risk to our employees, clients or members of the public who pass through your premises.