Upholstery Cleaning

At Breanheath, we ensure that our upholstery cleaning service is performed by our team of highly qualified and fully trained staff to provide you with a high-quality upholstery clean. With many years of experience in helping you keep your upholstery clean, we aim to meet all of your expectations and more as we want you to feel confident that you are choosing the best value cleaning service and that your upholstery is receiving the deepest clean possible no matter what environment, domestic or commercial.

The process of performing a deep kitchen clean involves many different cleaning techniques. When conducting an upholstery cleaning, we ensure that an inspection of the furniture is carried out first, so that we can decide what cleaning process is the most suitable. We also conduct a pre-vacuum in which the upholstery is placed on ground sheets to remove any dust. Next is spot cleaning which we have a range of solutions in order to remove any spots or stains that may be present on the upholstery. We ensure that when we pre-spray, the strength is level to the amount of soiling which then our cleaning solutions are applied to help break down the grease and grime. Our extraction system heats up, we then alter the pressure to match the fabric type of the furniture and the level of soiling which once complete we spray our cleaning agent onto the upholstery whilst extracting the soil. Once the cleaning has been conducted the furniture is placed back in its original position and left to dry and then is ready to be used again until its next cleaning is due.

There are many benefits to having your upholstery cleaned thoroughly, besides gaining an overall improved cleanliness and freshness to your furniture. After your upholstery is thoroughly cleaned, this can give your furniture such as chairs and sofa a different appearance after the cleaning is conducted, making them appear fresher. Also, throughout the process, any spots or stains which may have been present will be completely removed with the use of different cleaning techniques and in-house skills. When your furniture is regularly cleaned, the brightness of the fabric will appear as if it is brand new and also the original colours will look brand new keeping all types of upholstery in excellent condition. After the cleaning process is complete, any odour that has been lingering will be removed, which could have been caused by pets, shoes or anything which could have come in contact with the furniture. However, near the end of the cleaning process, we will deodorize your furniture leaving it smelling fresh, because fabric material is an odour absorber, so the aim is to remove any smell left behind. When we are cleaning your upholstery, we take durability into account as another benefit of getting your upholstery cleaned is that if your fabric seems thin or dull this could in fact be caused by dust. As microscopic dust particles have jagged edges which scratch upholstery fibres, therefore conducting a thorough upholstery cleaning will get rid of any dust which and extend the life of your upholstery fabric. Another benefit is allergen removal which is done from vacuuming and cleaning upholstery which can remove allergens such as pet dander, soil and dust that causes allergies and other respiratory problems.

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